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 1927 Ahrens-Fox 1000-GPM Piston Pumper   
 (Apparatus #100)

Because Of The Smith Tower..

On September 27, 1927, the Seattle Fire Department took delivery of this Ahrens-Fox, Model NS-4, triple combination pumper and hose, at a cost of $13,000.  It was purchased because at that time its powerful pumping capacity could push water to the top of Seattle's Smith Tower, which at 42 stories, was the tallest building west of the Mississippi.


The most distinctive features of Apparatus 100's front-mounted piston-pump are the spherical-shaped air chamber and cylindrical-shaped vacuum chamber.  When pumping near capacity, especially if pumping from a "draft", the reciprocating action of the pistons sometimes create a "pulsating" effect in the water streams.  The large air chamber, on the "discharge" side of the pump, is designed to reduce this effect by equalizing the pressure, thereby smoothing out the water streams. 

After experiencing numerous problems with the braking system, the S.F.D. shops installed 4-wheel hydraulic brakes, a new bumper and new front fenders in 1931.  In 1936, a shop-built windshield was installed.  After being sold in 1955, the rig fell into disrepair until is was discovered in 1964 and completely restored. 


Only FOUR Ahrens-Fox pistons pumpers were delivered new in the state of Washington.  They were purchased by the cities of Tacoma, Everett, Aberdeen and Seattle.  Of those four, only Aberdeen's and Seattle's exist today.

                                     App. 100 on display - 2009



                Historical Photos . . .


                                    App 100  (Engine 2)  1927-1946

                                                         (Photo taken 9-27-34) 

                                           Photo credit:  Seattle P-I Collection, MOHAI





            App 100 in its final days with the SFD - in reserve at Station 28               Shown here with Engine 28 and Ladder 12 in 1955, just days before being sold



                                App 100 prior to restoration - 1964 


                           ~  Apparatus 100 Company Assignments  ~

                      1927-1946                                             Engine 2 - 2334-4th Ave
                      1946-1949                                             Reserve
                      1949-1950                                             Engine 6 - 101-23rd Ave S
                      1950-1955                                             Reserve
                      1955 . . . .                                            Sold


                                 ~  The Stations  ~ 


                                SFD Fire Station #2 (1921-present)

                                    App 100  (Engine 2)  1927-1946 




                                                  SFD Fire Station #6 (1932-2013)

                                                    App 100  (Engine 6)  1949-1950 







































































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