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  Shop/Storage and Maintenance Facility


          Last Resort Fire Dept - Shop/Storage Facility (12 rigs on display)

                          1433 NW 51st St (in the Ballard district, north of downtown)


       Last Resort Fire Department apparatus currently on display:

1913 Seagrave city-service ladder  (Apparatus #126)

1924 American LaFrance 1000-gpm pumper  (Apparatus #128)

1927 Ahrens-Fox 1000-gpm pumper (Apparatus #100)

1929 Mack 85' tractor-drawn tillered aerial  (Apparatus #117)

1930 Mack 1000-gpm pumper  (Apparatus #119)

1940 Kenworth 750-gpm pumper  (Apparatus #132)

1950 Kenworth 1500-gpm pumper  (Apparatus #169)

1950 Kenworth city-service ladder  (Apparatus #181)

1969 Kenworth 1750-gpm pumper  (Apparatus #319)

1969 Kenworth-Maxim 100' tractor-drawn tillered aerial  (Apparatus #316)

Support Vehicles:

1949 International "Service Truck"

1954 Seagrave "Tow Truck"  (Apparatus #198)


Visit our "FIRE APPARATUS" page for photos and historical profiles of each of the LRFD rigs listed above, as well as the rest of the fire apparatus in our collection.


         The LRFD Shop/Storage Facility does NOT have regular hours.

                    Arrangements can be made to visit the Shop/Storage Facility by contacting the LRFD.

                        Phone 206-783-4474 or e-mail us at lastresortfd@hotmail.com.  Admission is free.


                          Construction of LRFD Shop/Storage Facility  

                                     February - September, 1973


                           Vacant Lot



                                          Excavation for Service Pit  



                                                    Pit Completed   



                                  Final Surfacing of Apparatus Floor   



                                             Trying Out the New Service Pit 



                                               Building Begins to Take Shape  



                                             Building Nearing Completion   



                                  Backing App. 117 Into It's New Home  


                                                       Service Pit



                   LRFD Shop/Storage Facility with Apparatus Collection - 1977  




                 ~ and the way it looks today, with 12 rigs inside ~

































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