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  Work Parties & Maintenance


                                 ~ Apparatus 12 ~

                                     Replace Main, Rod and Cam Bearings                             


                                           Standing in the engine compartment



                                           Crankcase ready to go back in frame



                                                   Cylinders and pistons ready



                                Small parts cleaned, painted and ready to re-install



                   Oil pan, flywheel, clutch, connecting rods, manifolds and accessories



                                                 Crankcase re-installed in frame



                                   Cylinders, lifters, valves and springs re-installed



                                                          Adjusting valves 



                                Almost finished - install 18 spark plugs and it's done!



                                             Job completed - showing intake side



                                           Job completed - showing exhaust side



                                                        ~Apparatus 12 ~

                                         Regular "Preventive Maintenance"

                            including radiator repair & brake reline       





                                                      ~ Apparatus 119 ~

                                         Rod & backflush radiator




                                       ~ Apparatus 126 ~

                                        Grind valves & seats

                                          and paint engine

                               Cleaning parts in preparation for re-assembly 


                                  Valve lifters cleaned and ready for painting

                                               Valves cleaned and ground

                                                    Valve seats ground

                                    Engine painted and ready for re-assembly 


                                          Valves, lifters and springs installed 


                                                          Job completed



                                                 ~ Apparatus 128 ~

                                 Complete ground-up restoration - 1976-77


                                                           Prior to restoration - 1971

   We say good-bye to the old deteriorating paint with its nicks & scratches, and various shades of red

                               Rig disassembled and chassis up on blocks in our "spray booth"


                                             Getting ready to apply the first coat of primer

                                                       First coat of gray primer applied  


                                              Next will be the new high-gloss finish coats      

                Red and white finish coats are completed on frame, fuel tank, firewall and wheels

                                    Rig is towed out of spray booth and repositioned in Shop

                                                    Hosebed being prepared for painting


                                                   Hosebed being re-installed on chassis


                     After a lot of hard work, it's beginning to look a little like a fire engine again


                              Hoods, fenders, seat, battery box, tool box and hose reel primed


                                              White finish coat applied to fenders and seat


                                       Running boards and tailboard are completely rebuilt



                                          Putting the finishing touches on the new tailboard



                        Adhesive being applied to tailboard - next will be the new rubber matting

                        After all the striping is completed, new lettering is applied to the hoods


                                 As our "signature" rig, the hood is re-lettered with our name


            With the job nearing completion, we take a final look at 128's "before" appearance . . .


                     After months of painstaking work, App 128's restoration is finally complete!



                                           ~ Apparatus 131 ~

                        Straighten crankshaft & replace main bearings


Babbitt flakes in the oil filters during routine maintenance alerts us of a problem.  We discover bolt holding #4 main bearing is broken causing crankshaft to flex.  Engine has to be removed and torn down.  Crankshaft needs to be straightened and new main bearings poured and line-bored.


                                              Engine is shown here removed from rig 



                  The culprit . . . broken bolt holding #4 main bearing cap and damaged bearing 



                                      New bolts are machined and ready for installation 



                   Engine is placed in engine-stand and ready to be transported to bearing shop



                                                 New babbitt bearings being poured



                                                        Bearings being line-bored 



                                       Straightened crankshaft is re-installed in engine                      


              While engine is at bearing shop, we are busy at our facility preparing for re-assembly



All components and accessories are cleaned and re-painted, gaskets are made and all brightwork polished



       Once the engine is back in our shop, it's primed and repainted while still in the engine-stand  



                     Flywheel, clutch, clutch-brake and transmission are re-attached to engine



                  Engine with transmission attached, is positioned over 131's engine compartment 




                       The engine is photographed from several angles before being re-installed 





                                    The engine is carefully lowered onto the frame-rails 



Once the engine is in frame, the driveline, shift tower, parking brake, and clutch and service-brake linkages are reconnected, as well as the power-take-off for the aerial.  Intake manifolds are the first components to be reinstalled on the engine. 



                                                    Next are the exhaust manifolds 



       With all accessories in place, only the spark plugs, radiator and water pipes are left to install  



                                                 View of the underside of the engine



                                                              Job completed . . . 



                                                                  . . . finally! 

Note:   App. 131 was "out of service" for 293 days, requiring hundreds of volunteer man-hours.  Over 360 photos were taken showing each phase of the project, as well as complete written documentation from start to finish.



                                          ~ Apparatus 198 ~

                                        Replace pistons & rings

                                             and brake reline                           








                                           ~ Apparatus 272 ~

                                            Swap aerial ladder   

                   Ex-San Diego rear-mount aerial is headed into shop for ladder removal


                              Aerial is rotated until it lines up under overhead hoists

                                       Aerial is removed and suspended above rig

                                           Rear-mount rig is backed out of shop

                                      Aerial is shown here suspended from hoists

                                                View from the "turntable" end

                Apparatus 272 is backed in and turntable aligned with suspended aerial

                      Preparations are underway to begin lowering aerial into position

                                            Ladder is secured to Apparatus 272

                                         Aerial is ready to be rotated over trailer

                                                      Ready to start lowering

                                          Aerial is slowly lowered onto the trailer

                      All eyes are watching as the ladder is gently lowered into position

                                  A few more inches and the job will be completed


                   After 15 years, Apparatus 272 is once again an "aerial ladder truck"

                      September 19, 2006 . . . the ten-hour project is finally complete


                                                ~ Apparatus 316 ~

                                                  Paint aerial ladder                           

    The tractor is jack-knifed 90 degrees, then the ladder is supported and extended all the way out


                                   The cleaning, scraping, sanding and wire-wheeling begins


                           The sanded areas are primed, then the entire aerial is painted silver


                The next day, some touch-up is done and the tip of the fly section is painted white



                                                  Painting of turntable area is complete



                                                   Close-up view of hydraulic mechanism



            The following weekend, 316 is on display with the sun shining on its newly painted aerial



                                         More photos coming soon . . .

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