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 1954 Seagrave "70th Anniversary Series" Aerial Tractor
 (Apparatus #198)  (Tow Truck)

Tow Truck

In 1951, the Seagrave Corporation marked it's 70th year in the fire apparatus industry with
the introduction of its first all-new postwar fire apparatus design.  Seagrave's "70th Anniversary
Series", as the new model was known, enjoyed one of the longest continuous production runs in
U.S. fire apparatus history - 19 years.

Apparatus 198 was delivered to the Seattle Fire Department on May 7, 1954, as a tractor-drawn
100-foot three-section all steel aerial ladder truck.  In 1977, it was involved in an accident that
caused considerable damage to the trailer and ladder, and because of the anticipated expense in making repairs, the city decided to sell the rig instead.  It was acquired by the LRFD later that year.  The undamaged tractor was salvaged and converted to a tow truck for use by the Last Resort Fire Department.  It has come in very handy when a rig breaks down on the road, or one of our "unrestored" rigs needs to be moved.  We also are able to tow the SFD's horse-drawn steamer to parades, displays and other events.




                Historical Photos . . .


                              App 198  (Ladder 4)  1960


                                           App 198  (Ladder 4)  1960



                                     App 198 in reserve  (Ladder 7)  1972



                               ~  Apparatus 198 Company Assignments  ~

                                1954 - 1970                          Ladder 4 - 2334-4th Ave (Station 2)
                                1970 - 1977                          Reserve
                                1977 . . . .                           Sold


                                       ~  The Station  ~ 


                                         SFD Fire Station #2 (1921-present)

                                             App 198  (Ladder 4)  1954-1970 


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