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                 BIRTHDAYS   -   discontinued until further notice . . .

To all the children, parents and friends who celebrated birthdays with us over the

past twenty-three years, we hope your experience with us was educational and fun

and we hope you will always have fond memories of your "special" day.

We are now looking into other means of fundraising so we can focus on the maintenance

of the fifteen antique and classic fire engines in our collection, as well as the other events

on our schedule, and our Museum in Pioneer Square.  Consequently, we are discontinuing

our "birthday" program until further notice.

Effective:  April 1, 2011




                      Scroll down for information, photos and "Contact Form" . . .


For parents who are planning a "firefighter" theme for their youngster's birthday party, and are looking

for the one thing that's missing from their list to make the party complete, we may have the answer. 

Not only can we provide a real fire engine to come to the party, but we can actually give the kids a ride.

The rig we use can accommodate fourteen kids in seatbelts.  We usually bring a second rig so as many as

five grown-ups can ride, as well.



We typically take the kids on a pre-determined ride around their neighborhood, although other destinations

can be arranged.  During the ride, the birthday boy or girl can wear real firefighter "turn-out gear" including

coat, pants, boots and helmet.



After the ride, we can talk to the kids for a few minutes about fire safety.  We gear the presentation to the age level of the

kids,  and we also have fire safety packets with coloring books and fire-safety games that we give to the kids to take home.



                      More information:


                                                   The "Birthday" rig will accommodate FOURTEEN KIDS



                                    We will also bring one of these rigs so FIVE ADULTS can ride



What could make a more memorable birthday for your youngster than a ride on a vintage fire engine? 

Imagine the excitement when a classic fire engine pulls up in front of your home to give the "birthday

boy or girl" and their birthday party friends a ride around the neighborhood.  There's a safe place for

ALL the kids to ride and even a few parents too.  We will pre-arrange our arrival time as well as the

"route" of travel for this "ride of a lifetime".  The fire engine will be staffed by experienced drivers and

safety personnel from the Last Resort Fire Department, many of whom are professional firefighters and

state certified EMT's.


In addition to your special "ride", our personnel can give a brief fire safety presentation

geared to the age level of the children at your party.  We will discuss things such as

emergency phone numbers, smoke detectors, fire hazards in the home, what to do if

the smoke detector goes off, and the proper procedure to follow if your clothes catch

fire.  We even have a packet of fire safety handouts for each of the kids - fire engines

and fire equipment to color, and drawings of a "hazard house".  You and your child can

work together finding all those hard-to-find fire hazards.  Who knows, mom and dad might

even recall some fire safety tips they'd forgotten.  So, besides being a whole lot of fun, this

birthday can be a learning experience too.  And we mustn't forget the highlight of the trip -

if they want to, the birthday boy or girl even gets to wear real "bunking" gear - coat, pants,

boots and a fire helmet - just their size.  Besides learning valuable life-saving information,

they really get to be a "Firefighter for a Day". 


We always have the birthday boy or girl visit our facility beforehand to see the collection, and also to

see the rig that will be coming to their party, so they won't be overwhelmed when a real fire engine

pulls up in front of their home.  This also gives the "birthday mom or dad" an opportunity to see the rig

so they can answer any questions the other parents may have about riding accommodations.  In addition,

the visit gives us a chance to pre-plan our route, arrival time, etc., and provide waivers for the other

parents to sign in advance.  Although most of our parties involve a ride around the neighborhood, we

can meet or go to a park, playground, community center, fast-food or pizza restaurant, or even visit a

fire station in your neighborhood for a short tour.  Arrangements for these, of course, have to be made

in advance, and we can help you with that.


              As shown in the photo below, we can cover the rig on rainy or very hot days.




            Our week-ends fill up fast, so if you have a date in mind, it's best to reserve it early.


                            A FEW IMPORTANT GUIDELINES:

       1. The party must be located within the city limits of Seattle. 
(We no longer do parties on Mercer Island or the Eastside.)
            Before we can make a final commitment to attend, consideration will
            be given to the distance from our facility in Ballard and accessibility to
            the party location, AND our availability on the date and time requested.

       2.  A waiver must be signed by anyone who intends to ride.

       3.  No one under two years of age is allowed to ride.

       4.  No pets, food or beverages are allowed on the rig.  (Water is OK)

       5.  LRFD safety personnel have the final determination on potential riders
            and the location where each person can ride.

       6.  LRFD personnel will load and unload all riders.





                                  Please provide the following information:

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  1.  Parent Contact Information:

            First Name 
             Last Name 
        Street Address 
       Address (cont.) 
              Zip Code 
            Home Phone 
  2.  Child's first & last name / child's age on upcoming birthday:

    Child's FIRST Name 
     Child's LAST Name 
          Upcoming Age 
  3.  Party location & any ideas you have for the fire engine ride:


  4.  Preferred dates of party:

     . . . and preferred START time (10am or 1pm):

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                Start time      


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