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 1951 Kenworth 750 GPM Pumper 
 (Apparatus #134)

A Kenworth Ahead Of Its Time 

In 1949, the Seattle Fire Department ordered 10 Kenworth 1500-GPM pumpers to help
modernize an aging big-city fire engine fleet.  But for tiny King County Fire District #2 in
unincorporated Burien, ONE big powerful Kenworth with half the pumping capacity would
do just fine.  And since the order was for one lone rig, Burien literally "pulled out all the
stops".  The bid proposal called for a pumper able to carry 500 gallons of water on board,
all equipment secured in compartments, a big powerful 855 cubic inch Hall-Scott engine,
air brakes, and unique at the time - a five-man enclosed cab, ensuring the safety and
protection of all the crew members.

This rig was without a doubt, the showcase of the Burien Fire Department for many years. 
After it had served there for thirty years, it was sold to Grays Harbor Fire District #10 in
Wishkah, approximately eight miles north of Aberdeen.  It served the volunteers there for
another twenty years, during which time the rig was repowered with a 250-horsepower
Cummins Diesel in 1992.  The rig was finally placed out-of-service on December 31, 1999,
and acquired by members of the Last Resort Fire Department on January 14, 2000.

Since its acquisition, many hours have been spent cleaning, painting, and adding equipment
in an attempt to bring the rig back to its original appearance.  It could really use a complete
restoration, the major expense being a new paint job.  But until funds are available, the  LRFD is doing the best it can to give this beautiful old rig the best home possible.


             Historical Photos . . .

                   App 134  (Factory photo)  1951 - showing driver's side


                       App 134  (Factory photo)  1951 - showing crew-cab


                    App 134  (Factory Photo)  1951 - showing officer's side


                                   ~  Apparatus 134 Company Assignments  ~

                    1951 - 1980                   Engine 5 - King County Fire Protection District #2 - Burien
                    1980 - 1999                   Engine 2 - Grays Harbor Co. Fire District #10 - Wishkah
                    2000                             Sold


                                                  ~  The Stations  ~                            


                                  King Co. Fire Protection Dist. #2 - Station #1

                                                      Burien Washington 

                                             App 134  (Engine 5)  1951-1980







                                              Grays Harbor Co. Fire Dist. #10 - Old Station #2

                                                                    Wishkah Washington 

                                                            App 134  (Engine 2)  1980-1999



                                                             Grays Harbor Co. Fire Dist. #10 - New Station #2

                                                                                   Wishkah Washington 

                                                                           App 134  (Engine 2)  1980-1999



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