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 1940 Kenworth 750 GPM Pumper 
 (Apparatus #132)


Fire Apparatus With A Streamlined Look 

Apparatus #132 is a 1940 custom built Kenworth 750-GPM pumper.  Its appearance is distinguished
by many decorative chrome accents that Kenworth used for fire apparatus that did not appear on
their regular commercial trucks.  The most notable custom feature is the large fluted chrome
radiator grill, sporting a winged Kenworth hood ornament.  The rear fender skirts give it a
streamlined look popular in the 1940's.

Apparatus #132 was purchased new by the Snohomish Fire Department, serving there for 32 years. 
It also served another 11 years at Lake Roesiger.  When the Last Resort Fire Department finally took
possession of this rig in 1983, it had been driven only 7600 miles during its 43 years in the fire service.



                Historical Photos . . .


                              App 132  (Snohomish Fire Department)  1940


 Notice the 35' ground-extension ladder stored on edge in a slot inside the hosebed


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