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 1992 Ford Bronco XLT

        Operations Vehicle

The Last Resort Fire Department is comprised of over a dozen classic antique fire apparatus operated by dedicated and highly trained volunteer personnel.  To operate a fleet this large requires organization and direction to maximize efficiency and provide the safest possible environment for our members, guests and the motoring public.  To accomplish this, the LRFD operates under a "Command System" with structured operational guidelines for its members that require strict adherence to prescribed policies.

Our Command System is comprised of many positions of authority and responsibility.  The "Command Officer" has overall responsibility for the management of the group while attending  events.  The "Operations Officer" has the responsibility to "direct" the LRFD's event operations.  The role of the "Operations Officer" is a vital link to the safe, efficient management of our fleet during a day's outing.

A tremendous amount of planning goes into each event we attend.  The Operations Officer's duties start long before the first truck leaves our facility.  Once on the road, his command post is this 1992 Ford Bronco XLT, which can be seen leading our convoy of fire apparatus.  This "command post on wheels" is equipped with warning devices and an extensive array of state-of-the-art communications equipment.  Its compact size and maneuverability afford easy contact with event officials once we arrive at the event site or staging area.  Once initial contact is made, "Operations" can then be put on display with the other fire apparatus, or proceed to a location to assist the fleet of fire apparatus out of the area at the conclusion of the event.  At that point, arrangements are made for the swift departure of the fleet and "Operations" leads our apparatus back to our facility in Ballard.  Problems of any nature, be it mechanical, medical or logistical, are channeled through the "Operations Officer" for appropriate action.


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