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 1924 American LaFrance 1000-GPM Rotary Gear Pumper  
 (Apparatus #128) 


First In The Fleet

Apparatus #128 is a 1924 American LaFrance 1000-GPM triple combination rotary gear
pumper, hose and 40 gallon soda-acid chemical tank.  It is one of the last rotary gear
pumpers to survive in Seattle.  In later years, this type of pump became obsolete due to
the advent of the centrifugal pump.

Originally painted "Fire Engine" red, Apparatus #128 was repainted white during its
restoration by the Last Resort Fire Department.  Historically, white is the second most
common color for fire apparatus.  Purchased new by the Everett Fire Department for
$13,500, Apparatus #128 was later sold to the town of Index for $1,200 on March 12, 1950. In 1967 it became the first rig acquired by the members of the LRFD.  The Seattle Fire Department had 5 pumpers almost identical to this one, all delivered in January, 1921, but they remained "Fire Engine" red throughout their 37 years in the S.F.D.







        Historical Photos . . .


                                             App 128 - 1971



                                            App 128 - 1971



                                         ~  The Station  ~ 


                                                    Index Fire Station


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