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 1937 Seagrave 100-Foot Tractor-Drawn Tillered Aerial 
 (Apparatus #131)


The First "Modern" Apparatus

Apparatus #131, a 1937 Seagrave 100-foot (3 section) aerial ladder truck, was the Seattle Fire
Department's first "modern" apparatus.  It was delivered on August 5, 1937, at a cost of $18,093.

Resplendent in the latest "ladder truck moderne" styling of the late 1930's, with its streamlined
sheet metal and chrome grill, enclosing the radiator, it featured many "modern" firsts for the
S.F.D.  It was the first enclosed cab apparatus, first fully automatic, hydraulically operated,
aerial ladder truck, first metal aerial ladder, first with 100-foot ladder length, and first with a
windshield on the tiller cab.  Its 297.8-horsepower V-12 Seagrave engine was the most powerful
in the S.F.D. at the time of its delivery.

Apparatus #131 is another historic S.F.D. apparatus that has been preserved and kept completely
operational, right down to the last detail, by the Last Resort Fire Department.




                Historical Photos . . .

                                                  App 131  (Factory photo)  1937


                                          App 131  (Factory photo)  1937

Notice the rig was delivered from the factory without ladder racks or ground ladders.  The S.F.D. shops built and added the ladder racks upon arrival in Seattle.  The wood ground ladders for this, and most of the other Seattle fire apparatus were built in the S.F.D. woodworking shop.

                                         App 131  (Truck 1)  with crew 

                           App 131  (Truck 1)  aerial demonstration - 1937
Photo credit:  Seattle Historical Society

                    App 131  (Ladder 1)  drilling on the ramp at Station 10 - 1961

                        App 131  (reserve)  photo taken between 1963 & 1969



                                  ~  Apparatus 131 Company Assignments  ~

                  1937-1961                                     Truck 1 / Ladder 1 - 301-2nd Ave S (Station 10)
                  1961-1961                                     Reserve
                  1961-1962                                     Ladder 1 - 301-2nd Ave S (Station 10)
                  1962-1969                                     Reserve
                  1969 . . . .                                    Sold


                                         ~  The Station  ~ 


                                          SFD Fire Station #10 (1928-2008)

                                          SFD Headquarters (1928-present) 

                                App 131  (Truck 1 / Ladder 1)  1937-1961 & 1961-1962 



                                         SFD Fire Station #10 (showing apparatus bays) 



                                      SFD Fire Station #10 (showing apparatus bays & chief's garage) 



                                                              SFD Fire Station #10 (showing chief's garage) 



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